Though it’s true that many people believe that the town’s name comes from the expression “to hell you ride,” an affectionate reference to the harrowing drive from Silverton to Old Telluride and then on up to what is called Mountain Village, some fears are worth facing.

The San Juan Mountain Range circumscribes the entire box canyon in which Telluride is nestled. It is small and stately, redolent of a Swiss village. This is my favorite time of year for Colorado road trips, and a weekend in Telluride didn’t disappoint. At only 266 miles away from Vail, it makes the perfect weekend getaway with friends.
Weekend in Telluride
We dined at Allred’s Restaurant on my recent visit. This amazing restaurant  overlooks the entire canyon with the town of Telluride at its heart. We were seated before a huge picture window and gazed across the wild green canyon at Ajax Peak, Mount Emma, Dallas Peak and Mount Sneffels. I enjoyed wine as I relished a locally grown, harvest to table meal.

Weekend in Telluride


To crown our experience of this magical landscape, we took a glider ride above it all. The silence of slicing through air above this incredible canyon, the soundless expanse of natural beauty, the many waterfalls pouring into it, including Bridal Veil Falls, the highest waterfall in all of Colorado… breathtaking.


Telluride is just one of many backyards to play in when you live in Colorado. Not only do we have some of the best powder in all the world, but summer—summer reveals the bounty of the rich Rocky Mountains in a completely different way.  It is a time of expansiveness and warmth, lush greenery dappled with Colorado wildflowers…pink Columbine, yellow arnica, purple lupine. It is a time to have your feet on the earth and your soul rooted in nature. Listen closely…shhhh….the mountains are calling!

Since writing this blog, I have learned that Robert Saunders known to locals as Glider Bob, was tragically killed in a glider crash on August 25, 2016.

Glider Bob will be remembered best as a great guy. I send my condolences to all of Bob’s family and friends and know that he will be greatly missed.