If you are new to town or vacationing, the town of  Vail can be a bit confusing.  

It’s kind of hard to get your bearings on where things are as town after town merges into each other but it’s basically one long valley that runs east and west.  If you aren’t careful when selecting a location, you can easily drive for a half hour or more!

As the temperatures are beginning to get warmer, our outdoor activities are shifting. Although there is still some time to go skiing, the warm afternoons have opened some new opportunities for outdoor activities like biking, walking and playing in any one of the amazing Vail parks or walking trails here in Vail.  On these sunny April days there is nothing better than being outside. Besides the great shopping and dining experiences Vail Valley has to offer, they also have wonderful parks to explore.

For larger, community parks, check out Ford Park (East Vail)  and Donovan Park (West Vail). Donovan has several nice pavilions that you can rent, tennis courts, a nice playground with clean bathrooms,  large open space for kite flying and it’s even perfectly creek side for throwing rocks and exploring. One of the fun things about Ford Park is the large outdoor amphitheater where you can watch live music in the summer months. Also nestled along the Gore Creek, Ford has impressive walking trails, playgrounds, tennis courts and large open spaces.  

To see a complete list of fun, park activities and to get the number to rent a pavilion, please check out Town of Vail Parks and Playgrounds.

If you are wanting to find a smaller park that is closer to you, look through this list of neighborhood parks and meet some locals.

  • Bighorn Park (Mid-Vail)
  • Booth Creek Park (Far East Vail)
  • Buffehr Creek Park (West Vail)
  • Ellefson Park (Far West Vail)
  • Pirateship Park (Mid-Vail, close to the town center)
  • Stephens Park (Far West Vail)
  • Sunbird Park (Mid- Vail, near Lionshead Village)

On a fun, final note- if you decide to head out to shop and eat and are curious about how busy the town center or Lionshead village are, check out the live camera that shows you in real time what is happening! http://www.vailgov.com/webcams