The idea of Spring Cleaning isn’t something that brings joy to most people’s hearts. There is always the occasional outlier who looks forward to this every year, but they are few and far between.  The Spring Cleaning process is typically messy, frustrating, (and slightly emotional) BUT the after effects are like the endorphins from a good workout so MAYBE the minority of people who love it aren’t that crazy after all! There is hardly a better than feeling than when your house is light, clean and carefree and ready for the summer months after a winter of closed windows.

One of the most popular books right now is The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. It is a guide to becoming clutter free for the rest of your life and small wonder that people are so drawn to it. Whether it’s the post-holiday season or the transfer into summer, there always is a lot of clutter around us! When you have kids the complications and clutter grow significantly.  When one of the partner’s is a packrat, things are equally complicated.

Regardless of where you are at in life, here are a few simple tips to ensure that you have success:

  1. Picking a day and planning ahead is the best way to tackle this project. Doing it on a whim typically leaves your house a huge mess and with feelings of defeat.
  2. Decide what room to start with and why. It’s good to start with the room that you are the most worried about. That way each room afterwards is easier. (Kind of like the debt snowball effect Dave Ramsey talks about but with clutter, not money.)
  3. Define your goals up front. Is it to simply clean? Or are you trying to organize and declutter as well? Make sure you know what your hoped for outcome will be.
  4. Be sure to have plenty of garbage bags and boxes for trash and donations. Also be sure you have all your cleaning supplies and paper towels. Having to stop mid-process to run to the store  is a good way to slow down the momentum of cleaning.
  5. Having friends to support you is also a good idea. (You’ve probably seen Hoarders- sometimes it’s hard to be objective when clearing out clutter!)  Promise them beer and pizza when the job is done, make it into a fun day!
  6. If cleaning isn’t your jam- there are many cleaning services in the area that are doing Spring Cleaning specials to get you jump started. Then you can focus on decluttering and simplifying without having to do all the deep cleaning yourself.
  7. Know ahead of time where the closest donation drop off point is. (See below, “DONATE”) Many times we get to this critical last step and simply load up the garage or car with good intentions and then it just sits there.
  8. For the items you no longer need, but know they are of some value to be sold, take a good picture or two and post them into the local classifieds! (See below,  “SELL”). This is a great way to clean up, clear out and then have shopping money to go get more… OK. Perhaps the point is to Declutter, but a new outfit or decorative piece for the mantle doesn’t clutter up too much. 🙂

Happy Spring Cleaning!


DONATE– local non-profits/businesses that will take donations.
1. (I believe you can drop off at any time to this location, they have a covered area….)


these stores have specific rules for when you can drop off.

SELL-  local group pages:

2 .

3. (Eagle County Yard Sales) closed group