Vail Farmers Market and Art ShowWith only a month left of the 15th year of the Vail Farmers’ Market and Art Show, I’m not letting a single Sunday go by without making my way down to Meadow Drive.With the planet beginning to gently move our gorgeous corner of the world away from the sun and indulge our addiction to fluffy white snow, I find myself firmly rooting myself in the remaining days of summer. Kids are back in school, but the Vail skies still sport their perennial blue, and the air yet carries the warmth we all continue to crave.

Strolling down the cobbled road dotted with the many exquisite vendors that stake their small claim to this prime real estate every Sunday during the summer, I am reminded of how lucky we are to live here and to call this place our home. Food vendors send savory scents into the atmosphere, and I can hear live music coming from the Solaris stage as I go.

I am greeted by the delicious colors of tapestries and ceramics, paintings, and jewelry, all offered up by local artists and artisans, alongside those who have traveled great distances to be a part of the magic. The streets are still lined with my favorite mainstays—A Secret Garden florist shop, Karats jewelry shop, Due Luca Bruno, and so many more. I meander in and out of them making small talk with the friendly local owners and shopkeepers.
Vail Farmers Market and Art Show 3

These are the moments we live here for. Connecting to the rich reservoir of talent, artistry, and craftsmanship of the people of our valley and our home state and enjoying the lush beauty of the valley itself. We are blessed indeed…