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  • Moose In Vail

Give Wildlife Room

I had a reminder recently that we do live among the wildlife. I spotted a young bear rummaging through the trash in my neighborhood!  Spring is the time for all of our four-legged friends to become active again including bears. It's very important to be aware of your surroundings especially when you are hiking. It is

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  • Blues, Brews & BBQ

Blues, Brews & BBQ (May 28th & 29th)

  The 13th annual Blues, Brews & BBQ in Beaver Creek is a fun way to end the month of May and an unofficial HELLO! to summer. This fun weekend event is FREE to enter and will have live blues music, BBQ and Colorado craft beer available to be purchased. Some of the musical performers

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  • Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Tips

  The idea of Spring Cleaning isn’t something that brings joy to most people’s hearts. There is always the occasional outlier who looks forward to this every year, but they are few and far between.  The Spring Cleaning process is typically messy, frustrating, (and slightly emotional) BUT the after effects are like the endorphins from

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  • Vail Parks

Vail Parks

  If you are new to town or vacationing, the town of  Vail can be a bit confusing.   It’s kind of hard to get your bearings on where things are as town after town merges into each other but it’s basically one long valley that runs east and west.  If you aren’t careful when

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  • Baking in Vail

Baking in Vail

With soaring altitudes of 8,150 in Vail and 7,430 in Avon, baking at high altitudes is often something that can frustrate even the most seasoned of bakers. While there are great local bakeries like Mountain Cupcakes (Vail), Bonjour Bakery (Edwards), Columbine Bakery (Avon) and even Sticky Fingers Cafe and Bakery (a little ways off the

  • Spring back to vail

Spring Back to Vail (April 8-10th)

  With winter officially over, greet Spring in a stylish, FUN way with the Spring Back to Vail event April 8-10th! The highlight event of this weekend is always the traditional “So long Winter, Hello Spring!” World Pond Skimming Championship- which you can actually sign up to participate in! (see link below). Equally entertaining will

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  • spring skiing

Spring Skiing in Vail

  Spring in Vail is different than it is in other parts of the country. Where many parts in the United States are seeing the fluorescent green of young shoots and early blooms on the pear trees, here in Vail Valley, the mountains are still picturesquely bright white. What this means is that the season

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  • Mountain lions vail

Mountain Lions in the Vail Valley

Mountain lions have been spotted in almost every Vail Valley neighborhood.  I have never seen so many in our residential areas and on hiking trails.  There are daily deer kills in backyards.  Please use caution when outside with pets and small childern.  Several household pets have lost their lives. If you see a mountain lion,

An Abundance of Knowledge about Vail

  A local man who has spent a lot of time in Vail wrote and published this wonderful book I gave many of my clients and friends this holiday season.  You will enjoy.  You can find it at Amazon and at the Bookworm in Edwards, CO. Click Here:  https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=3YnkCgAAQBAJ&source=productsearch&utm_source=HA_Desktop_US&utm_medium=SEM&utm_campaign=PLA&pcampaignid=MKTAD0930BO1&gl=US&gclid=CNHHpbLMi8oCFZKXMgodvb8CFg&gclsrc=ds Liz Leeds*http://lizleeds.com*lleeds@slifer.net

  • BigBeer

Starting January 1, 2016: New Year! New Plans!

  Throughout the entire year, there is so much to do here in the Vail Valley.  That is why it is such a great place to live or visit any time, any season.  One of the most fun things is in January - the Big Beers Tasting Festival.    It’s the perfect combination for a